Request for a Carnival Song

Silvia wrote…

Dear Mama Lisa,

I am Silvia and I teach English in an Italian school of young ladies and sirs aged from 2 to 5 years old!

It is quite impossible to find an English song about Carnival, and I thought you could help me. I know, probably this is more an Italian tradition than a British one (Viareggio, one of the two most important towns for Carnival in Italy, is close to the school!), but it would be enough to have even a lullaby or a funny song.

I really thank you for your help, and wait for your kind reply.

Best Regards


If anyone knows of any Carnival songs, please comment below.



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5 Responses to “Request for a Carnival Song”

  1. David W Solomons Says:

    Hi Lisa
    Your request reminded me of an interesting time I had in 1978 in London. We did have a “Carnival” in East London, but it wasn’t Italian style, just a lot of floats (ie miniature stages on top of vehicles going around Victoria Park). At that time I was living in the Coventry Cross estate near Bromley by Bow and we had our own float. and I wrote the song for it. I do have a recording of our rehearsal for that song, but it is not very clear since the children were more enthusiastic than talented. Still, if you are interested in hearing it I can send it to you. The idea behind the song “We’re all going to the Carnival” is to mention all the countries represented in that multicultural part of East London, but the name of the estate “Coventry Cross” is the phrase most often heard in the actual rehearsal recording – ah well!
    Kind regards

  2. Lisa Says:

    Sure David, send over “We’re all going to the Carnival”. I’d love to hear it!


  3. Lisa Says:


    My husband read your request and immediately thought of the Sonny Rollins song “Don’t Stop the Carnival”. It’s mostly instrumental, but there are some lyrics that go something like:

    You’ll never find a better way,
    (No, no don’t stop the carnival)
    To dance the day and night away,
    (No, no don’t stop the carnival).

    Not every version has the words, but the one on the album What’s New (Dig) does. (Though the clip available on Amazon just has a bit of the music.)

    (Be careful. There’s another version of the album that’s just called “What’s New”. That one doesn’t have the song. Make sure you get “What’s New (Dig)”)

    It’s not originally intended for kids, but it’s rollicking and it’s guaranteed to get your students dancing!

    Hope this helps.


  4. David W Solomons Says:

    Hi Lisa
    Do send me an email address so I can send you the Coventry Cross one. I BTW I also thought of Don’t stop the Carnival – but I assumed it was Jamaican. :-)
    My email address is
    Kind regards

  5. Lisa Says:

    David’s song We Are Going to the Carnival is now online! Just click on the link to hear it!

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