Recipe for Worms in Dirt


This past weekend we made a fun dessert called "Worms in Dirt".  It’s easy to make for Halloween or Earth Day. Here’s how…

Recipe for Worms in Dirt

2 Packages of Instant Chocolate Pudding (our pudding recipe called for 4 cups of Milk)
Gummy Worms
Crumbled Oreos (or plain chocolate cookies)

1. Prepare the pudding according to the packet directions.


2.  Mix in some gummy worms. (Leave a few out to decorate the top of the pudding.)


3. Crumble chocolate cookies.  You can do this by putting some cookies in a Ziploc bag and "rolling" over it with a rolling pin.


4. Scatter the crumbled cookies around the top of the pudding and decorate with some gummy worms.


It’s easy peasy!

Thanks to Kimberly for sending a similar version of this recipe a few years back.


-Mama Lisa

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