Poem – The Bee by Emily Dickinson

The Bee

His labor is a chant,
His idleness a tune;
Oh, for the bee’s experience
Of clovers and of noon!

Emily Dickinson – Poems XV

Photo of a Bee

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4 Responses to “Poem – The Bee by Emily Dickinson”

  1. Tinker Jack Says:

    Dear Lisa!

    It is so good that you are posting again so much.
    Although it is not Dickinson, just a Nursery Rhyme about a bee, you might like it in a comment.
    It goes like:
    There was a bee
    Sat on a Wall
    It said: BUZZ, BUZZ
    And that was all.

    It is very interesting that the English bees make sound predominantly with the letter “Z”. The Hungarian ones prefer saying: ZÜMM, ZÜMM, in which the letter “M” is more significant. Anyway, it would be interesting to see how animals speak in different languages. It is an issue like you have about the ACHOO- saying.

    Your fan,


  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Tinker Jack!

    Nice rhyme! I think I just added it to my nursery rhyme site the other day at…


    I noticed at the same time that there’s a similar song…

    There was a bee-i-ee-i-ee
    Sat on a wall-i-all-i-all,
    And he went buzz-i-uzz-i-uzz
    And that was all-i-all-i-all.

    There was a pup-i-up-i-up
    Sat on a bee-i-ee-i-ee,
    Someone went i-yi-yi-yi-yi
    And that was he-i-ee-i-ee.

    Are you familiar with it? I’d love to learn the tune that goes with it.

    Re. the sounds bees make… that’s very interesting about what Hungarian bees say. It makes me wonder if people actually hear sounds a little differently based on the language they grow up hearing.

    I should do a post on animal sounds. Meanwhile, if anyone else would like to tell us what sounds bees make in their country, that would be interesting!

    Best regards,

    Mama Lisa

  3. shal Says:

    it was great

  4. shal Says:

    dear lisa

    i was wondering of a wonderful rhyme for my friends please
    help me for you will be thank youed

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