Poem: “If You Saw a Goat Buttoned in a Coat”

Here’s a fun little poem I just came across in a book from 1885 called Friends in Feathers and Fur, and Other Neighbors by James Johonnot.

If you saw a goat
Buttoned in a coat;
If you saw a rat
Dressed up in a hat;
If you saw a lamb
Take a slice of ham;
If you saw a bear
Combing out its hair;
If you saw an ox
Opening a box;
If you saw a pig
Eat a nice new fig;
If you saw a mouse
Throwing down a house;
If you saw a stag
Picking up a rag;
If you saw a cow
Make a pretty bow;
If you saw a fly
Take its slate and cry-
You would surely say,
"What peculiar play!"
Or would surely sing,
"What a funny thing!"


Mama Lisa

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