People in Bermuda Fly Homemade Kites on Good Friday

Bermuda_Kite_01On Good Friday, two days before Easter Sunday, people of all ages in Bermuda fly their own homemade kites. It symbolizes the ascension of Jesus into heaven.

The kites are made using flat sticks, glue, string and different colors of tissue paper. The shape of the kites are usually hexagonal, though sometimes octagonal or other shapes. Some have noise makers attached to them called hummers.  Some are so big they take more than one person to launch. These colorful kites can take months to make.  Though nowadays, some people simply buy plastic kites.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is a popular place for people to fly their kites. A kite festival is held there every year with contests and musical entertainment.

People in Bermuda also eat hot cross buns on Good Friday, just like in Great Britain. And just as fish is eaten around the world on Good Friday, in Bermuda they eat codfish cakes.

Just like in many other countries, Bermudans celebrate Easter with colored eggs, egg hunts and the Easter bunny. They go to church services and have a special meal with their families.

In the video below you can see kites being flown on the beach on Good Friday in Bermuda.  You can hear the sound of hummers in the background.

Here’s a slideshow of the construction of a Bermudan kite:

Enjoy the holiday!

Mama Lisa

Image: By Aodhdubh – self-made, cc.

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