Ndondo – A Game Played by the Shona People of Africa

Ndondo is a traditional game played by Shona boys of the Tangwena people, living on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The game is played with gourd shells, sticks, and corn cobs.

2 players or 2 teams face each other. The corn cobs are set up on both sides of the players. The ndondo is a gourd shell made in the shape of a disc with a hole in the middle of it. A stick is made to fit into the hole of the ndondo. The player picks up the ndondo with the stick and flings it at the cobs near the opponent. Whoever knocks down the most cobs wins.

If there’s a draw then each side tries to fling their ndondo at the opposing player’s ndondo at the same time. The one whose ndondo is knocked down first loses.

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