My Daughter, My Mother and I Met Santa Walking Around Sears Yesterday!

It was a magical day. We had just started our Christmas shopping, when who else did we see shopping right near us, but Santa!

But he wasn’t wearing his usual red suit. He was dressed in civilian clothes! He did have wonderful long white hair and a beard. And yes! A perfect rosy face, with a round nose. He smiled, and looked through the rack for his size of clothes.

My mother said, “Look! It’s Santa!” My daughter cried, “Really?” My mother said, “I don’t know.” She went over and introduced herself. My daughter hid behind me, all shy. Santa showed us a picture of himself in his red suit. My daughter looked – WOW!

Who would think it would be even more special to see Santa in his regular clothes shopping?!

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  1. Judith Häberling Says:

    I’m looking for a short simple Santa Claus rhyme for my Englishlearners. They are beginners, 8 years old.
    Thank you for your help!

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