Looking for the lyrics to a Swiss song called “Roti Rosli”

Kimberly wrote me…

Hello Mama!

Actually, there is a very sweet Swiss bedtime childrens’ song called: “Roti Rosli”. My daughter learned this song when she was about 3, and I am trying to find the lyrics in both Swiss and English. How can I find them? Any suggestions? Or do you have them? I just happened upon your site by chance.

Thanks very much for any help.


Kimberly Folts

If anyone knows the lyrics to Roti Rosli, please comment below.

Thanks! Lisa

UPDATE: The original lyrics have been posted in the comments below. If anyone can provide an English translation, that’d be great!

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3 Responses to “Looking for the lyrics to a Swiss song called “Roti Rosli””

  1. Uwe Says:

    Roti Rösli im Garte,
    Maieriesli im Wald
    Wänn de Wind chunt choge blase
    so verwelked si bald

    Chlini Fischli im Wasser,
    grossi Fische im Meer
    Hei lueg wie si gumped
    und schwümed juhee

    Liebi Sunne chum füre,
    liebi Sune chum bald
    Das mir chönd go spaziere
    über Wiese und Wald

  2. Lisa Says:

    Julie Steiner sent me an English translation…

    Red Roses

    Red roses in the garden,
    lilies of the valley in the wood
    When the wind comes blowing
    they’ll fade soon

    Small fishes in the lake,
    big fishes in the sea
    Hey look how they jump
    and swim, yuhee

    Dear sun come forth
    dear sun come soon
    That we can go walking
    over meadow and wood

    Julie said…

    The dialect printed here is from Zurich but it actually exists in all dialects (the words vary a little then).

    Thanks Julie!


  3. Mrs. France Says:

    I have several old Swiss school songbooks and wonder if any of the songs are on records???Dort ane-n-am Bargli and many others…?

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