Looking for an African Lullaby from Zaire called “”Ya, Ya, Ya””

Karen wrote:


I am trying to find a tape or CD with an African Lullaby (from Zaire) called “Ya, Ya, Ya.” Do you know where I can find it? Thank you,


We would also love to learn the lyrics to this lullaby to post on Mama Lisa’s World. If anyone can help out with information about this lullaby or if you know about a CD it’s on, please comment below or email me.



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  1. Miho Hagiwara(Jaspanese) Says:

    Hello!! I am a Japanese, thought I graduated in University of Ghana in
    music. I researched into Ghanaian Children’s songs for master’s degree.

    I have collected and captured more than hundred songs of Ewe children, Akan children in Ghana on the video tapes and analized them.

    Among them, there was a song called “Yayaya” which children hold thier
    hands and go round fast, so that it will be difficult to continue holding hands. Fanally, becouse of centrifugal force, some children remove their hands and fall down.

    If the one falls down, other children tease him or her in very fanny way.

    Ii might be the same as Zaire song”Yayaya.”
    For comparison, I wil put on the lirics.

    Song from Ghana “Yayaya”

    [Ewe Language]
    Yayaya sigege oh ya
    Ame si ke dze anyi, ‘hasitôe (repeat)

    Yayaya shigege oh ya (Meaningless word)
    Anyone who falls down is a prostitute (repeat)

    To Dear Lisa,

    I am very interested in what you are doing here.
    I am also have a brog about Ghanain Children’s culture and music,
    however it is in Japanese. I would be happy if you could get contact with me.

    Thank you!!

    email: miho_h1106@yahoo.co.jp
    brog: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/wara-wara/

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