“Kriss Kringle” a Poem about Santa Claus

Kriss Kringle is an American name for Santa Claus dating back over 150 years. Oddly enough the name derives from the German phrase Christ kindlein or Christ kind’l, meaning Christ child. However, Kriss Kringle is not used as a name for Santa in Germany.

Here’s Kriss Kringle, a Christmas poem by the American writer Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907)…

Kriss Kringle

Just as the moon was fading
Amid her misty rings,
And every stocking was stuffed
With childhood’s precious things,

Old Kriss Kringle looked around,
And saw on the elm-tree bough,
High-hung an oriole’s nest,
Silent and empty now.

“Quite a stocking,” he laughed,
“Hung up there on the tree!
Little I thought the birds
Expected a present from me!”

Then old Kriss Kringle, who loves
A joke as well as the best,
Dropped a handful of snowflakes
Into the oriole’s empty nest.

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