Keep Your New Years Resolution – Advice from 1884

I was searching the past for some possible wisdom about New Years Resolutions.  One was about keeping your resolution for your own self-respect.  So if you’ve lapsed in yours, go back to it now!

This quote is from Unity, Volume 11 (1883).  Unity seems to have been an American publication for teaching kids how to live a useful, fulfilling life.


Resolve not to make any resolutions you can not keep. Broken resolutions are the ghosts of our murdered self-respect

Drop at once all useless regrets for past misdeeds.

Take a fresh start after each mistake, and remember only, that the thing you really want to do every time, however otherwise it may seem to you for the moment, is that which is square and fair- manly and womanly, whatever the cost may be.

Go back to your resolution now!

Good luck!

Mama Lisa

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