Japanese Baby Names based on Birth Order and the Seasons


Sadao Mazuka wrote from Japan about Japanese names for children based on their birth order and the seasons…

The Japanese have names for their children based on their birth order. These names aren’t old-fashioned. They’re still used!

1) Names for the 1st Boy:

一郎 (Ichiro) 太郎 (Taro) 真一(Shin-iti) 肇 (Hajime)

・・・・・・ 一 (Ichi) means “one”, 肇 (hajime) means “begin”.

2) Names for the 2nd Boy:

二郎 (Jiro)  次郎 (Jiro)   真二 (Shin-ji) 次男 (Tsugi-o)

・・・・・・ 二 (Ni or Ji) means “two”, 次 (Tsugi or Ji) means “next”.

3) Names for the 3rd Boy:

三郎 (Saburo)   真三 (Shin-zo) 桂三 (Keizo)

・・・・・・ 三 (san, sabu or zo) means “three”.

[Abe Shinzo (安倍晋三) is the Japanese Prime Minister’s name. He is not the third boy, but the second boy lol.]

4) Names for the 1st Girl:

初枝 (Hatsue) 初子 (Hatsuko) はつ (Hatsu)

・・・・・・ All of them mean “the first”.

5. My mother’s name was Aki that means “Autumn” because she was born in October. And in Spring there’s the name “Haru”, in Summer, the name, “Natsu”, and in Winter it’s “Fuyu”.


6. Here’s a chart of boys names based on their order of birth from first through the tenth…

First boy: Taro or Ichiro

Second boy: Jiro

Third boy: Saburo

Forth boy: Shiro

Fifth boy: Goro

Sixth boy: Rokuro

Seventh boy: Shichiro

Eighth boy: Hachiro

Ninth boy: Kuro

Tenth boy: Juro

But we don’t always stick to the order of birth. When giving a name to a baby, the sound impression is important.

Thanks for sharing this with us Sadao!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Nyango from Cameroon wrote, “We have some cute such practices in several African countries – names for twins, names for the kid who comes after twins, names based on the day of the week you were born on, etc.”

  2. Jiro Says:

    Gender: Female
    Origin: Japanese
    Meaning: The Japanese name Fuyu means – born in winter

    source: http://www.babynamescountry.com/meanings/Fuyu.html

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