Independence Day in Indonesia with a Song and YouTube Video

August 17th is Independence Day in Indonesia. Lin Fdln sent me this song called “Hallo Hallo Bandung” that’s sung in Indonesia for the holiday. Here’s what Lin wrote to me, followed by the lyrics to the song, an English translation and a YouTube video‚Ķ

This is a song from the revolutionary period, when Indonesia fought for freedom and sovereignty. (Independence was declared on August 17, 1945 – before that the Netherlands had ruled Indonesia.)

Bandung is the capital city of Priangan Province/State (now West Java). It was the second largest city in Indonesia at that time.

All Indonesian kids know and can sing this song, since it is taught in every elementary school. Especially in August (the Indonesian anniversary), this is one of the many independence theme songs we love to hear and sing.

Hallo Hallo Bandung
By Ismail Marzuki

Hallo hallo Bandung
Ibukota Periangan
Hallo hallo Bandung
Kota kenang-kenangan
Sudah lama beta
Tidak berjumpa dengan kau
Sekarang telah menjadi lautan api
Mari bung rebut kembali

English Translation:

Hallo Hallo Bandung

Hallo hallo Bandung
Capital city of Priangan
Hallo hallo Bandung
City of many memories
It’s been so long
Since I met you
Now burning like a sea of fire
Let’s go take Bandung back.


Lin Fdln

Many thanks to Lin for sharing this song with us! Happy Independence Day!

Mama Lisa

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  1. fahri ichsan Says:

    that song is remind me when I was child always sing thoose songs in the Independence day. hehehe

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