Happy New Year, Happy New Decade… Yes, New Decade!

Is tomorrow (January 1, 2010) the start of a new decade? Some people say it’s not, since we start counting years at 1. (There was no year zero.) 1 plus 10 is 11, so, by that logic, 2011 is actually the start of the next decade. But this Discover magazine article disagrees. It’s a new decade starting midnight 2010, because at that point it will be the decade of the 2010’s (teens). Before that it was the decade of the 00’s. After that it will be the decade of the twenties.

Is this the most important thing we can be arguing about? Not really, but it’s fun to think about!

So, Happy New Decade… and Happy New Year! Wishing you all much health and love in the upcoming year and in the coming decade!

Mama Lisa

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