Hang Up the Baby’s Stocking – A Poem with an MP3 Recording

Below you’ll find a poem about baby’s first Christmas with an mp3 recording. It was written by Emily Huntington Miller (1833 – 1913).

Old Photo of Kids with Stocking

MP3 of Hang Up the Baby’s Stocking

Hang Up the Baby’s Stocking
By Emily Huntington Miller

Hang up the baby’s stocking:
Be sure you don’t forget;
The dear little dimpled darling!
She ne’er saw Christmas yet;
But I’ve told her all about it,
And she opened her big blue eyes,
And I’m sure she understood it-
She looked so funny and wise.

Dear! what a tiny stocking!
It doesn’t take much to hold
Such little pink toes as baby’s
Away from the frost and cold.
But then for the baby’s Christmas
It will never do at all;
Why, Santa wouldn’t be looking
For anything half so small.

I know what will do for the baby.
I’ve thought of the very best plan:
I’ll borrow a stocking of grandma,
The longest that ever I can;
And you’ll hang it by mine, dear mother,
Right here in the corner, so!
And write a letter to Santa,
And fasten it on to the toe.

Write, “This is the baby’s stocking
That hangs in the corner here;
You never have seen her, Santa,
For she only came this year;
But she’s just the blessedest baby!
And now, before you go,
Just cram her stocking with goodies,
From the top clean down to the toe.”

There is music that goes to this poem by Hiram Murray Higgins (1820’s – 1879). Some people sing this as a Christmas song.

You can find the score for Hang Up the Baby’s Stocking online at the Library of Congress. (Click the link to access it.)


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