Great Site for Chess by Email

In the past I’ve mentioned how much fun it is to play Chess with your children.

If you also enjoy Chess, I’d recommend checking out I’m thoroughly enjoying playing online Chess there.

Unlike many online chess services, which require both players to be connected at the same time, Scheming Mind specializes in email games. You make a move and then your opponent responds when he or she is ready. It’s ideal for parents who are constantly interrupted!

You can choose to play fast games or “leisure” games, where you only have to make a move every three days. You can challenge people by their rating or even by the country they live in. I’m playing games with people from all around the world! They even have Chess forums in French, Spanish and German.

My 11 year old son also enjoys playing there. (We often play against each other through Scheming Mind.) He has a lot of fun with all the Chess variations they have. In particular, he likes one called Atomic Chess. Whereas I prefer standard Chess.

What’s more, it’s free for the basic services!

Happy Scheming!


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3 Responses to “Great Site for Chess by Email”

  1. Lisa Says:

    My son asked me to add that the time options are:

    Blitz (5 days + 1/2 day per move),
    Fast (10 days + 1 day per move),
    Standard (30 days + 1 day per move), or
    Leisure ( 30 days + 3 days per move)

  2. Dennis Says:

    Hello you might also which is also a great site to play free online chess.

  3. renita Says:

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