Gracie’s Art

Gracie has sent me some illustrations to post with songs over the past couple of months.  What’s interesting is that she doesn’t send them for specific songs, so I have to find songs or rhymes on Mama Lisa’s World to match them up to.  That can be tricky since we have over 2000 pieces!  I end up doing a google seach on the subject of the illustration with "Mama Lisa" to find a song on my site that corresponds with its theme. 

Here’s one of my favorite drawings Gracie did…


I posted it on a Hungarian children’s song page called Cifra Palota, "Adorned Palace".  It’s a circle game.  Below are the English lyrics to the song.  It’s a little abstract or symbolic (perhaps the rose is the princess and the violet is a prince?)…

Adorned palace,
Its window is green,
Come out you, rose,
The violet is waiting for you.

I am little,
I’ll grow up someday,
Next year or two years hence
I’ll become a big girl.

Here’s another illustration Gracie sent me…


I posted the animal drawing with the song Animal Fair.

I asked Gracie how she creates these illustrations.  She wrote, "I like to create art with patterns. Crazy patterns create great compositions. I like to use watercolor and then use a black sharpie to create patterns."

Thanks for sharing your work with us Gracie!

Mama Lisa

Here are links to song pages where there are more illustrations by Gracie:

Comptine pour dessiner (French) – Drawing Rhyme

Sleep, My Child and Peace Attend Thee (English Lullaby)

El barco chiquitito (Spanish) – The Tiny Ship

Barboleta (Portuguese) – Butterfly

Es schneit! Es schneit! (German) – It’s Snowing, It’s Snowing

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  1. Kay Green, Child Safety Mama Says:

    She is doing an amazing job! You should be very proud of her. I am impressed.

  2. Lisa Says:

    She’s not my kid! But I agree that Gracie does nice work!

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