German Children’s Songs with Sheet Music and Midi Tunes

We’ve finished a major update of the Mama Lisa’s World German page! It now has 51 German children’s songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes. Most of the songs have sheet music and midi tunes!

We always welcome more traditional songs from Germany. You’re also welcome to share any cultural tidbits: such as traditions, recipes, customs, photos, information about German holidays, etc.

Come visit the new German Children’s Song Page with English Translations, Sheet Music and Midi Tunes. Or, you can visit the Mama Lisa’s World en français pages for German Children’s Songs with French Translations.

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One Response to “German Children’s Songs with Sheet Music and Midi Tunes”

  1. Daniel McBride Says:

    Hi….I’m trying to help my girlfriend find a child hood German lullabye song that was digitally put on a microchip and activated to play inside a little stuffed Lamb doll she had as a child…circa 1978-1981.
    Her sister just had a baby, trying to see if we can track down the tune, find a way to make new chip to put inside the original lamb doll, repatch it up so her new niece has this lullabye and lamb to grow up with…..keeping the cycle alive.

    Thanks with any thoughts, leads or ideas!!!

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