Gender Cakes: A Very Modern Tradition


There’s a new modern tradition that’s come about with the advent of sonograms that let expectant parents know the sex of their baby. 

Some parents-to-be will have the doctor seal in an envelope a card with the sex of their baby written on it… without telling the parents.  Then the parents-to-be, or their friends and family, will give the envelope to a baker.  The baker will then make the inside of the cake either blue or pink depending if it’s a boy or girl. 


At a baby shower or a gender party the cake will be cut and everyone will learn the sex of the baby together, including the parents-to-be!

What a very modern, clever idea!

Mama Lisa

Photo 1: Flickr
Photo 2: Baby cakes – Introducing Project Baby Reveal

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2 Responses to “Gender Cakes: A Very Modern Tradition”

  1. Diana Says:

    That´s a cute and original idea!
    on my countrie we don´t have baby showers in general but i´d love to have one on my next child and the cake thing!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Diana,

    That’s interesting. Which country are you from? I’m curious if you have other traditions to do with the birth of a child?


    Mama Lisa

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