For All of You Star Wars Fans: Tataouine is a Real Place in Tunisia

If you’re a Star Wars fan you know that Luke Skywalker grows up on the planet Tatooine. But what you may not know is that Tatooine is a real town in Tunisia! (Spelled “Tataouine”.)

The connection between Tatooine and Tunisia goes deeper than the just the name. Many of the scenes in Star Wars Episode IV (the first movie) that took place on Tatooine were filmed in the North Aftrican nation – though not in the town of Tataouine.

Map of Tunisia where Star Wars was filmed

In the movie, the farm where Luke grew up looks like it’s a single area. But it was actually filmed in more than one place. The scenes with the sunken home, pictured below, were filmed in the town of Matmata. There, homes really were built underground ages ago. This view of Luke’s house is actually a hotel, called Hotel Sidi Driss.

Photo of Hotel Sidi Driss

Other views of the outside of Luke’s home were filmed in the town of Nefta. (Pictured below).

Photo Outside of Lukes Home on Tatooine

Still other scenes of Tatooine were filmed in Tozeur.

The way people in Tunisia dress also influenced Lucas in his designs for Jedi costumes.

Many thanks to Monique Palomares of Mama Lisa’s World en français for the photo outside Luke’s home, and to Andy Carvin for the photo of Hotel Sidi Driss. The initial map is courtesy of the CIA World Factbook. I altered it to show the Star Wars locations mentioned.

Here’s a link for more Star Wars locations and photos in Tunisia

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  1. andy carvin Says:

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