Five Little Pumpkins with MP3

I posted 5 Little Pumpkins with a recording last year so you all could hear the tempo of the rhyme.

Just yesterday, my 5 year old daughter came home from kindergarten reciting it. She said they were singing it every day on the bus home from school. I asked her if I could record her singing it, and happily, she agreed. So here’s her rendition, which is slightly different from the words below…

MP3 of Five Little Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins (Hold up all 5 fingers)
Sitting on a gate
The first one said,
“Oh, my, it’s getting late!” (Point to wrist like checking the time)
The second one said,
“There are witches in the air!” (Point up and across, like pointing to the witches flying)
The third one said,
“But we don’t care!” (Shake head like saying “no”)
The fourth one said,
“Let’s run and run and run!” (Move arms like you’re running)
The fifth one said,
“I’m ready for some fun!” (A big smile)
OOOOOOOH, went the wind
And OUT went the light (Clap on “out”)
And the five little pumpkins (Hold up five fingers again)
Rolled out of sight. (Roll hands, one over the other)

I hope this helps you get in the spirit of Halloween!


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3 Responses to “Five Little Pumpkins with MP3”

  1. Haley Says:

    The recording of this song is so cute!

  2. yonnette Says:

    i found a tape for teaching kids french in the library amd that poem was on there…all i remember is cinq petit poutirons assis dans les noir, la premier dit mon dieu il ets tarde, le second dit sorcierre dans le vant [i forgot..sorry]], and then the wind part “whoo whoo dis le vant, la lumiere cest tant y le cinq poutirons roulent dans le jardon

  3. Monique Says:

    You’ll find this poem here

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