Festival of Women in Italy – La Festa della Donna


Emanuela Marsura, an Italian schoolteacher, pointed out that March 8th is the Feast of Women, or Women’s Day, in Italy.  It’s called "la Festa della Donna" in Italian. 

Originally, it was a recognition of the social achievements, and the political and economic conditions of women.  It has its roots in the US suffrage movement over a century ago.

Nowadays, the main tradition in Italy is for men give the women in their lives a branch or sprig of yellow mimosa flowers.  Sometimes the mimosa will be with other flowers like yellow daffodils or other bulbs. People also serve yellow sweets, including a mimosa cake.

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5 Responses to “Festival of Women in Italy – La Festa della Donna”

  1. emanuela Says:

    All of us … young people from little or so big, grandchildren of 1000 cultures, daughters of the most varied personal stories, I dedicate
    this thought that I received :

    “We are like diamonds: precious and unique!
    The most beautiful gift we have received is to be what we are: Women!…”
    “Whoever says woman says GIVING …
    And it’s true .. because Women give their LIVES … the HOPE … the COURAGE … the COMFORT,
    give themselves out of LOVE! ”
    Let us hope that the other half of the population understands!

    A tutte noi… giovani da poco o tanto tempo…di 1000 culture…
    figlie delle più svariate vicende personali dedico questo pensiero
    “Siamo come diamanti: uniche e preziose!
    Il dono più bello che abbiamo ricevuto é quello di essere ciò che
    Chi dice donna dice DANNO…
    Ed è vero.. perché danno la VITA…la SPERANZA…il CORAGGIO…il CONFORTO,
    danno se stesse per AMORE!
    Auguriamoci che l’altra metà del cielo capisca!

  2. emanuela Says:

    Hello Lisa,
    DANNO is for us the verb to GIVE.
    In Italy DANNO also means damage.
    Thanks for the explanation.

  3. emanuela Says:

    Tall women … tomorrow.
    This morning, E. came towards me with his big smile and a chocolate in his hand and gives it to me saying, “Good Day, teacher.”
    “Good Day, to you, E.” I say.
    “Why?” F. asks me, with her big eyes, from Nigeria.
    “Because today is the feast of us who are women, Good Day to you also F.” I say.
    “And tomorrow …” continues F. “Tomorrow is the feast of men?”.
    “Oh, it could be!” I suggest.
    “How nice, teacher …” exclaims glad F. with the most beautiful smile “so, we make a feast together!”

    Donne grandi … di domani.
    Questa mattina, E. è venuto verso di me con il suo grande sorriso e una cioccolata in mano e lo dà a me dicendo: “Buon giorno, professore.”
    “Buon giorno, a voi, E.” Dico io.
    “Perché?” F. mi chiede, con i suoi grandi occhi, dalla Nigeria.
    “Perché oggi è la festa di noi che siamo donne, buona giornata anche a te F.” Dico io.
    “E domani …” continua F. “Domani è la festa degli uomini?”.
    “Oh, potrebbe essere!” Suggerisco.
    “Che bello, insegnante …” esclama felice F. con il sorriso più bello “, così, facciamo una festa insieme!”


  4. Ell Says:

    when is la festa della donna? what date?

  5. Lisa Says:

    It’s on March 8th.

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