Easter Cuisine in France


Monique Palomares wrote to us about Easter cuisine in France…

Down here in the South, we have the expression "faire pâquette". It means to have a picnic in the countryside on Easter Monday.

The traditional dessert is a sweet omelette (beat eggs and sugar and cook it in a frying pan). A little bit North, dessert is a sweet "pascade" (as the name tells, it comes from "pâque"). It’s a thick crêpe with some flour to make it stiffer. In Alsace, they bake a cake in a special mold in the form of a lamb.

Last but not least, the Sunday before Easter Sunday is Palm Sunday (Dimanche des Rameaux). The expression "Faire Pâques avant les Rameaux" (Having Easter before Palm Sunday) means getting pregnant before getting married!

Thanks for writing about Easter in France Monique!

Mama Lisa

Monique Palomares works with us on the French and Spanish versions of Mama Lisa’s World.

Image: Photo Claude TRUONG-NGOC – own work, cc.

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