Dragon fly! – A Rhyme about a Dragonfly, Boys and Fish


Dragon fly! Dragon fly!

Dragon fly! dragon fly! fly about the brook,
Sting all the bad boys who for the fish look;
But let the good boys catch all they can,
And then take them home to be fried in a pan,
With nice bread and butter they shall sup up their fish,
While all the little naughty boys shall only lick the dish.

This rhyme can be found in Rhymes Old and New collected by M.E.S. Wright, (1900).

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  1. barbara rutledge Says:

    looking for a game my Dad use to play with us, but thing he would be around never wrote it down it went like this. Thumbs on top of his knock it off take it off, then he would fold his hand down and form a whole between his thumb and fore finger and say whats in that little round whole. we start guessing mouse he’d say cat got it, where cat got dog got where dog so on I can’t remember. it would in up with a frog and he’d put out invesible things and say this his pants can you help. In World War ll spend time at a Dutch house.

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