Dona nobis pacem – Give Us Peace – A Carol with an MP3

“Dona Nobis Pacem” is Latin for “Grant us peace” or “Give us peace”. The Latin phrase comes from the Roman Catholic Mass.

The phrase is also sung as a round over and over again to form a song. In the recording below you can hear how pretty it is…

MP3 of Dona Nobis Pacem

Note: Pacem sounds like Pach-em.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Dona nobis pacem – Give Us Peace – A Carol with an MP3”

  1. Uly Says:

    Pacem is pachem if you’re using ecclesiastical Latin. If you were taught Classical Latin, you’ll find it hard to break the pattern of saying pakem.

  2. Gunda Says:

    A third form will be pacem singing c like c. This is modern latin, but not italian language.
    I was singing it just yesterday. Next time, I will record it.

  3. Pool at Bethesda : Senator Blogstetter Says:

    […] My hearted started to pound.  After that song, they started singing the beautiful song in latin Dona Nobis Pacem, Give us Peace, in incredible harmony.  Nancy Hudspeth, who was travelling with us, knew the song […]

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