Does Anyone Know the Lyrics to “Dolly When You Grow To Be a Lady”?

Clarissa wrote:

Hello, my great grandmother is dying with cancer, she has asked me to find an old song her mother use to sing to her as a child. I am guessing the time was 1920’s and some of the lyrics are:

Dolly when you grow to be a lady,
Who will wash your face and comb your hair.
Dolly when you grow to be a lady
Who will tuck you in and hear your prayers
(or say your prayers).

This is all I know and I have looked for hours on the Internet and I cannot seem to find anything. Any help of suggestions of where I might find these full lyrics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If anyone can help out with this song, please comment below. It would be a great help!


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5 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Lyrics to “Dolly When You Grow To Be a Lady”?”

  1. Janet Says:

    I knew this song as a child:

    Dolly when you grow to be a lady, who will comb your hair and wash your face. When it’s time to take you to your bedroom, tuck you quilt and blanket into place. Who will dress you early in the morning. Change your dress a thousand times a day. Tell me dearest don’t you think you’d rather, always just my baby dolly stay.

    Did you get any other replies?

  2. Lisa Says:

    So far you’re the first to reply. Thanks for writing in!

    -Mama Lisa

  3. Adena Says:

    I to would like to know the lyrics to this song my grandmother used to sing it to me when I was a child and she passed almost a year ago now and I would like to pass it on to my kids if you find out anything will you pass it on to me as well. Thank You

  4. Florence Says:

    much appreciatedtab seems accurate

  5. Bill Says:

    thx!tab seems just like the band

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