Does Anyone Know the Lyrics to an Austrian Tune called the “Song of the Three Holy Kings”?

Ed Gawlinski wrote:

I found among my music an Austrian folk song called “Song of the Three Holy Kings”… but I don’t have the words either in German or English to this. It sounds like a very nice tune. Perhaps someone might recognize it and provide the words.


Here’s the tune Ed sent me:

Midi Tune to the Song of the Three Holy Kings

If anyone can help out with the original lyrics to this song and/or an English translation, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!


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4 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Lyrics to an Austrian Tune called the “Song of the Three Holy Kings”?”

  1. Theodora Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    the fact that the song was supposedly Austrian made me curious and I listened to the midi file.
    I must say, I know quite a few nursery rhymes and songs because I work in nursery school but I’ve never heard this particular song. Perhaps whoever posted the file knows the lyrics.
    I’ll ask my mum and nan as well but it doesn’t seem to be a well-known song.

    However, there IS an Austrian (and perhaps Bavarian) tradition of kids dressing up as the Three Holy Kings, singing and reciting poems in order to collect money for third world countries but I think there are about as many poems and songs as there are groups of children doing this.

    Greetings from Austria,

  2. Theodora Says:

    Oh, I just wanted to add that if you find the German lyrics, I’ll happily try and translate them for you.

  3. Cathy Says:

    There is this one song:

    Die heiligen drei Könige mit ihrigem Stern

    Die heiligen drei Könige mit ihrigem Stern
    die kommen gegangen, ihr Frauen und Herrn
    Der Stern gab ihnen den Schein
    ein neues Reich geht uns herein

    Die heiligen drei Könige mit ihrigem Stern
    sie bringen dem Kindlein das Opfer so gern
    sie reisen in schneller Eil
    in dreizehn Tagen vierhundert Meil

    Die heiligen drei Könige mit ihrigem Stern
    knien nieder und ehren das Kindlein,den Herrn
    ein selige, fröhliche Zeit
    verleih uns Gott im Himmelreich

    von Anfang des 18.Jahrhunderts – Oberbayern

  4. Ed Says:

    Hope you found it. I’m having the hardest time finding the lyrics to
    Aberseer Landler
    Here is the music:

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