Does Anyone Know of a cd with Portuguese Kids Songs? Or would someone like to sing a couple of songs for us?

Teresa wrote:

I would love to buy a cd with all those Portuguese nursery rhymes. I have been trying to search on the net and I just can not find anything. Any ideas on how to get the cd with songs featured in your home page.


I found a couple of Portuguese Children’s cd’s on CD Baby. I’ve never heard them – but you can listen to clips on the site. You can click the link to get there. Or, if anyone would like to recommend a CD or would like to sing some of the songs on my Portuguese children’s song pages, please comment below or email me.



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5 Responses to “Does Anyone Know of a cd with Portuguese Kids Songs? Or would someone like to sing a couple of songs for us?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Here are a couple of links to sites in Portuguese that give the tunes (and some scores) to some other Portuguese Kids Songs:

    -Mama Lisa

  2. Mary Says:

    Hi, Teresa.

    I live in Brazil and I can manage to find various CD like that if you want. My e-mail is


  3. Felipe Says:

    There is a very famous Brazilian singer, presenter,actress and twice Grammy Awards winner for Best Kids Album, named Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel. She is better known as “Xuxa” (pronnounce: “shoo-sha”).

    You can find out more details in:

    I hope this information can help.

  4. Priscila Alves Says:

    Please pleople Xuxa noooo!!

    All right, she have probably all the nursery songs but she change all the music and she kill the songs with her worst voice

  5. Ana Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I know a very good one “Arca de Noé” from a very good singer “Toquinho”is pretty great with ludic songs …every kid in Br knows the songs!

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