Does Anyone Know Any Urdu Lullabies or Kids Songs?

I received this note a while ago…

Hello my Name is Stefanie,

I’m from Germany and on Google I was searching for a lullaby in Urdu. Google showed me your website. I’m pregnant in the 14th week and the father is from Pakistan and he also speaks Urdu. That’s why I’m searching Urdu lullabies or normal children songs. May could you help to find some songs.

Best wishes Stefanie.

If anyone can help Stephanie, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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9 Responses to “Does Anyone Know Any Urdu Lullabies or Kids Songs?”

  1. Sharina A. Says:

    This is a beautiful Urdu lullaby Moonrise by a Canadian singer WhoMade,

    I love it and I sing it to my kids, very tranquil and beautiful..

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! I wonder if you know what it means?

  3. Rammaza Says:

    The lullaby is basically alike to the title talking of the moon showing up at night, sprinkling its moonlight everywhere, and then the next day coming with the sun.

    I can give you a word to word translation if you like, let me know.

    A few other lullaby’s in hindi/urdu (since hindi is almost the same) are:

    This is is specifically for girls:

    For boys

    I could try and find more for girls, things seems a little partial here! Personally I think the best lullabies are the ones that you come up with urself, they have a lot more feeling. I do love the 1st one i’ve suggested for girls myself since it used to be sung to me! Good luck, congratulations for the baby and let me know if I can help in any way!

    Take care…

  4. Sharina A. Says:

    Hi Lisa!
    in South Asian cultures, many times parents sing their children to sleep with songs with imagery of the Sun and Moon, so that’s what it is about literally speaking! But it has deeper meanings about optimism and peace, etc.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Rammaza! A word for word translation would be great and if you’d like to send us any of the lyrics and translations to any of the lullabies in the videos, it would be wonderful. We appreciate your help! -Mama Lisa

  6. Nida Says:

    Hi! I am from Pakistan.I have recently come across of this beautiful website. I want to share some children songs which we used to sing in our childhood!!
    chum chum chum
    umbrella ley kar nikley hum
    ghari aaiye phisley hum
    uupar basta neechay hum
    chum chum chum

    here chum chum means the sound of rain
    we went out taking umbrella,
    the vehicle came and we slipped,
    we were (lying)down and the (school)bag was laid upon us

  7. Perveen Says:

    I was brought up with Bangla, Urdu, Punjabi and English at the same time.
    I have some lullabies from films and others. But best for small babies -they sleep well when you hum at the rate of your rocking, swaying or swinging or patting. Start with a llttle speedier humming then gradually slow the speed and the action. USe any or mix and match humming, aa-ha-ha-a aaah-ha-hum, oonnh-hoonh-hoonh-hohon-hoon-hoon, la la la…

    1. Urdu try” Chanda mama dur key …” ” Do akhian, eeye do sakhiyan…”humming etc
    2. Bangla try” Phuley, phuley, do-o-ley, do-o-ley… or “Ghoom aye, ghoom aye, aye ghoom…” humming ettc.
    3. English nothing beats, ” Silent night… holy night…’ in any form.
    4. Punjabi: for strang reasons my grandson(a marathi- Bangali) fell for this one: “Desan da raja mere babul da piyra…” in slow humming.
    I mixed and matched and I still do. Happy baby snores!!!

  8. Serenity Says:

    Akar Bakar Bumbai Bo
    Asi Nave Poray So
    So may laga daga
    chor nikal Kay baga
    hum achay kana kayinge
    sip pie ko bal line gay
    double roti biscuit!!!

    Don’t know the last line for sure :/

  9. urooj ali Says:

    this is a very famous and sweet urdu nursery rhyme…..
    must watch….

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