Does Anyone Know a Swedish Lullaby That Sounds Like “Tsat tun lit and forglit and paratntray”?

Leslie wrote:

My grandmother is dying of cancer. When I was little she used to sing a Swedish lullaby to me about a little bird and sweet milk. It goes something like this:

Tsat tun lit and forglit and paratntray…
quilint and vockor lisit…

….spornot mot, ….reset…sit and milk made sovary
silk and sank till savory…

daiska lilla …mot
por into por rese

My mom has asked me to track this down so we can sing it to her. She may not have long to live…days.

Please help me if you can. Does anyone know what this song is?

Much love!

If anyone can help Leslie, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks so much!

Mama Lisa

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49 Responses to “Does Anyone Know a Swedish Lullaby That Sounds Like “Tsat tun lit and forglit and paratntray”?”

  1. DJ Neelix Says:

    I’m swedish, and I can only find two Swedish words in there, but the rest doesn’t resemble any word I can think of… sorry, but it makes no sense to me.

  2. Darlene Says:

    This is from an online acquaintance, so I don’t know what it says, but I hope it helps:

    Sov gott, vackra delfin
    Sov gott, jag vita varg
    Vi har kärlek för varandra
    För varandra
    För alltid
    Sov gott, vackra delfin
    Sov gott, jag vita varg
    Morgonen vaknar
    Då kysser vi
    Kysser vi för alltid
    Sov gott, för alltid

  3. Miriam Says:

    to Darlene, that means:

    Sleep well, beautiful dolphin,
    Sleep well, I white wolf
    We have love for each other
    for eachother
    Sleep well, beautiful Dolphin,
    Sleep well, I white wolf
    the morning awakens
    then we kiss
    we kiss forever
    sleep well, forever

  4. Ida Says:


    The song about the wolf and dolphin doesn’t sound right at all. I am from sweden and my mother sang a lot for me when I was a child. Have you found the right song yet? If not, maybe I can help.

  5. Byssanlull Says:

    Byssan lull maybe?

    Byssan lull.

    musik: Traditionell
    text: Evert Taube

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där kommer tre vandringsmän på vägen,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där kommer tre vandringsmän på vägen.
    Den ene, ack så halt,
    den andre, o, så blind,
    den tredje han säger alls ingenting.

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    på himmelen vandra tre stjärnor,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full.
    på himmelen vandra tre stjärnor,
    Den ene är så vit,
    den andra är så röd,
    den tredje är månen den gula.

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där blåser tre vindar på haven,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där blåser tre vindar på haven.
    på Stora Ocean,
    på Lilla Skagerack
    och långt upp i Bottniska viken.

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där segla tre skutor på vågen,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    där segla tre skutor på vågen.
    Den första är en bark,
    den andra är en brigg,
    den tredje har så trasiga segel.

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    sjökistan har trenne figurer,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    sjökistan har trenne figurer.
    Den första är vår tro,
    den andra är vårt hopp,
    den tredje är kärleken den röda.

    Byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    tre äro tingen de goda,
    byssan lull, koka kittelen full,
    tre äro tingen de goda.
    Den förste är Gud Far,
    den andre är hans Son,
    den tredje är god Jungfru Maria.

  6. jakob Says:

    Took a wile to figure out but the rare lullaby you are looking for is:

    “Där satt en liten fågel i päronaträ”
    by Ruth Ljungberg

    Där satt en liten fågel i päronaträ,
    å sjongde så många vackra viser
    Om inte mina onger e snäller å tir,
    ja då får dom smaka på riset
    Ack du lille fågel sjong inte så,
    för mina små ongar dom ä snälla ändå,
    å dom får inte smaka på riset

    Fast translation:
    A little bird sat in the pear-tree,
    and sang so many beautiful songs
    – If my children aren’t nice
    then they will taste the twigs (spanking)
    Oh you little bird don’t sing that song
    cause my little children are so nice still (without hearing that song)
    and they will not taste the twigs


  7. Jimmy Says:

    It’s also possible since it was your grandma and Im guessing her parents were immigrants, that she was telling you not a lullaby or a nursery rhyme, but a prayer…

    both sides of my family have swedish immigrants and both of my grandmothers would tell me this when i was young:

    God som havre barn i kär
    se till mig sa liten är…I don’t remember the rest of the words but it could be what your looking for.

  8. Maja Says:

    Jimmy, the prayer goes like this:
    “Gud som haver barnen kär, se till mig som liten är.
    Vart jag mig i världen vänder står min lycka i Guds händer.
    Lyckan kommer, lyckan går,
    Gud förbliver Fader Vår.

    I am Swedish :)

  9. Diane Says:

    I am also looking for an old lullaby that my Swedish grandmother sang to me. The words in Swedish sound something like this (through the ears of a tiny child!) phonetically:

    furst comer jasper liden dreng
    a stanna stillen veeden seng
    o gahpuh plair o mamma shair…

  10. Pontus Says:

    That’s “mammas visa” Dianne. You can find it here:

  11. Levi Barnes Says:

    Did anyone find a recording of this? I’d love to have it uploaded to There are several Swedish lullabies and other children’s songs there. In fact, the genesis of the site was a Swedish song my Swedish grandfather taught to my mother.

    email me at if you have troubles.

  12. Kathi Says:

    My mother learned a Swedish lullaby from her Swedish grandmother. I was able to find the correct spelling of the first line with the online translater. Can anyone help me with the rest of the lines.

    Sover sott min lilla van
    Mama com er snort e yen
    Papa gor po hee an brew
    Shur pa Gretah nee a sku
    Nee ah sku may spen ner po
    So so vah sut min lila ven

    The translation is approximately

    Sleep sweetly my little friend
    Mama is coming soon again
    Papa is going on a high bridge
    to buy Gretta new shoes
    New shoes with buckles on
    So sleep sweetly my little friend.

  13. Adam Says:

    Here are the rest of the lines spelled correctly Kathi (I’m also swedish!)

    Sov nu sött min lilla vän
    Mamma kommer snart igen
    Pappa går på högan bro
    Köper Greta nya skor
    Nya skor med spännen på
    Så sov nu sött min lilla vän

  14. Heidi Says:

    Adam thank you so much. I have been looking everywhere for this song. Although my grandmother sang it with a different beginning it is the same lullaby.

  15. bengt Says:

    Now that we’re at it. My Swedish grandmother sang this not really appropriate so lullaby when i was a kid
    i live in holland now, and I have never been able to hear it again
    does anyone know it?

    sov min bebis
    min lilla negerbebis
    när solen går ner och månen gar ned
    jag sjunger dig en sång

    å vissja vissja vissja lull
    vill du månen ha att dra i
    och stjärnorna att ta i
    å vissja vissja vissja lull

  16. Diana Says:

    I am trying to find a Swedish lullaby my
    Grandmother used to sing to me.
    I remember the words ” Rock in snora…
    something about little ven. And then there
    is a part where she would make me pretend I
    was falling asleep and then she’d start
    bouncing me on her knee singing faster
    like ba-roomp, ba-roomp, ba-roomp.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone???

  17. bengt Says:

    Gee, that’s a hard one. Little ven is little friend, or lilla vän in Swedish. But the rest does not sound familiar at all. Those grandmas sing the darnest things, don’t they?

  18. Oskar Says:

    Jakob found the right one; “Där satt en liten fågel i päronaträ”
    by Ruth Ljungberg. See above. It matches the transcription.

  19. Sharon Says:

    my swedish grandma sang a lullaby to me as a little one. What I remember sounded like tussa lullaby a baben ru ru artigitar blessen bonan grotta.

  20. Camille Says:

    I am also looking for a Swedish lullaby but I’m not entirely sure it is. My grandma was half Swedish and half Swiss. She said she thinks it’s Swedish but she is no longer with us to ask. It sounded something like this to my child ears:

    Klappa klappa handen a smo
    Tusi tusi neven a smo
    Reven y reson
    Reven y reson
    Shoo ini scoogen
    Shoo ini scoogen
    Ta in ta po
    Ta in ta po
    then she always ended with Mama to little baby

    If anyone knows what this is and can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  21. Johan Says:

    Probably a variant of a rhyme.
    Your version sounds like

    “Klappa, klappa händerna små,
    Tussa, tussa nävarna små,
    Räven i riset, räven i riset,
    Skjuss in i skogen, skjuss in i skogen,
    Ta inte bort, ta inte bort,
    Mammas lilla bebis”
    “Clap, clap your little hands,
    Shake, shake your little fists,
    Fox in the brush, fox in the brush,
    Back into the wood, back into the wood,
    Don’t you take, don’t you take,
    Mamas little baby”

  22. Donna Says:

    I’m looking for a song/hymn? my grandmother used to sing. I can only write it phonetically and hope someone can figure it out.

    Jesus elyna, mit yarta sca lygus. Jesus elyna mit yarta sca voo. Han har mit lova och…and on and on.

    She would sing it when I was misbehaving and it would keep us in line even though we didn’t understand what she was saying. Many thanks.

  23. Amanda Says:

    I am also looking for a song from a Swedish Great Grandmother. I know the words in English because she would sing it both ways. In English the words are Ride Ride the sleepy time Train. Get on board you boys and girl. Translated in Swedish it would be rida rida sömnig tid tåget. få ombord ni pojkar och flickor. Does anyone know the rest of the lyrics?

  24. Sarvi Says:

    Hello Donna, that sounds very much like the lyrics to “Jesus allena mitt hjärta ska äga” (Jesus alone my heart shall own), a Salvation Army hymn first published in 1884. The Swedish Wikisource has a midi file with the melody:ärta_skall_äga

    Best regards

  25. bengt Says:

    Just in case anyone was looking for this one, this is what I used to sing to my boy when he was a baby. Learned it from my sister in law. You place your baby on your knees, hold his/her hands and you sing:

    Klappa klappa händerna (2x)
    Tussa tussa hundarna (2x)
    Räven kommer (2x)
    Ta inte bort, ta inte bort
    Pappas/mammas lilla gullegris…

    And at that point you tip the baby over and tickle his/her ribs. They love it.

    Anyone familiar with the not very appropriate song i mentioned before? My grandma used to sing it:

    sov min bebis
    min lilla negerbebis
    när solen går ner och månen går upp
    jag sjunger dig en sång

    å vissja vissja vissja lull
    vill du månen ha att dra i
    och stjärnorna att ta i
    å vissja vissja vissja lull

  26. Heather Says:

    My Mom used to sing me one that sounded like (completely phonetic here….I don’t speak any Swedish): “Rouie, rouie rappa….” Wish I could find out more about it!

  27. Sarvi Says:

    Heather, probably “Rida, rida ranka”, a rhyme which has many variations in the Nordic countries, known since at least the 19th century. Here is a video of one of them:

  28. sarah Says:

    My grandfather sang us a song each night I cannot type the Swedish but I remember this…in the wild wild woods I tend my flocks t
    they follow me so faithful trusting they understand my words all of them my friends

  29. Pat Says:

    I am just starting to learn swedish, but my grandma used to sing one to us.
    Klappa klappa handerna,
    Choota, choota hunderna
    Raven disco-gan
    Mamma gol griesen.

    I tried to sound out the words-almost impossible to do I know. And since Grandma Olson came by boat to Canada in 1896 it’s unlikely the song would remain the same. Some of the songs seem to be variants.

  30. Craig Johnson Says:

    I am trying to find a lullaby abut a crow flying away. I know the song about the hunter who did all sortsof things with a crow that ends with building a boat. also my dad used to sing in Swedish
    I see the moon and the moon sees me
    I love the moon and the moon loves me

    That’s all we sang in English. Does anyone know what either might be?

  31. Lisa Says:

    Craig, Would you know any of the Swedish lyrics? Even if they phonetic? -Lisa

  32. Alex Says:

    Man seems like everyone is looking for that Swedish lullaby there grandmothers sang. This is not obviously spelled correctly but this is how it sounds:
    Tre gori gah ingavara qus co lindin barnenscholar hem a helo ingavesta barning se ding Chen da nesta.

  33. Anna Says:

    Alex, I think that the song you are looking for is the first verse of a swedish hymn with lyrics written by Lina Sandell around 1850.

    This hymn is often sung when a baby is being baptised. :-)

    Tryggare kan ingen vara
    än Guds lilla barnaskara
    Stjärnan ej på himlafästet
    fågeln ej i kända nästet

    Translated it goes something like this:
    “No one can be as safe
    as the children of God
    Not the star in the sky
    nor the bird in its nest”

    The following verses goes like this:

    2. Herren sina trogna vårdar
    uti Sions helga gårdar
    över dem han sig förbarmar
    bär dem uppå fadersarmar

    (the Lord takes care of his followers
    in the garden of Sion
    to them he is mercyful
    carries them like a father)

    3. Ingen nöd och ingen lycka
    skall utur hans hand dem rycka
    Han, vår vän för andra vänner,
    sina barns bekymmer känner.

    (Not distress nor success
    could take them from his hand
    He, our friend before other friends
    knows the needs of his children)

    4. Gläd dig då du lilla skara
    Jakobs Gud skall dig bevara
    För hans vilja måste alla
    fiender till jorden falla

    (Therefore rejoice, you little group
    The Lord of Jacob shall keep you
    By his will all his enemies must fall)

    4. Vad han tar och vad han giver,
    samme Fader han dock bliver
    och hans mål är blott det ena:
    barnets sanna väl allena.

    (Regardles of what he gives or takes
    he remains the same Father
    and his only goal is
    true goodness for the child)

  34. Anna Says:

    Craig Johnson, maybe you are looking for “Kråka satt i lunden”:

    Sov min lille, sov
    Vak opp i kungens hov

    Stjärnorna på himlen blå
    äro silverlammen små
    Månen de till herde fått
    Nu ska barnet sova gott

    Sov, min lille, sov
    Vakna opp i kungens hov

    Kråka satt i lunden
    med gullblad i munnen
    Vart skall du flyga?
    Till Gullåsen
    Där väx löken,
    där gal göken
    Där sjunga svalorna sju
    Gott år i år
    Myttje bätter åt åren

    (the last words are written in a dialect, in “proper swedish” you would write the words “Mycket bättre med åren”)

    English translation:

    Sleep, my little one, sleep
    Wake up in the King’s court

    The stars in the blue sky
    are little lambs of silver
    The moon is their shepherd,
    Now, the child will sleep well

    Sleep, my little one, sleep
    Wake up in the King’s court

    A crow sat in the meadow
    with a golden leaf in it’s mouth
    To where are you flying?
    To the golden ridge!
    There, onions are growing
    There, the cuckoo crows
    There, seven svallows are singing
    May this year be a good one,
    and the coming years even better

  35. Anna Says:

    Pat, could this be the one you are looking for?

    Klappa, klappa händerna!
    Tussa tussa hundarna!
    Räven kommer, räven kommer!
    Ta inte bort, ta inte bort,
    mammas gull’gris!

    (Clap your hands!
    send out the dogs!
    the fox is coming, the fox is coming!
    Don´t take away, don’t take away
    moms sweetie-pie)

    …if one makes a direct translation of gull’gris or “gullegris” into english it means “cute piglet” :-)

  36. Jodi Says:

    I’m also looking for a song that my nanny used to sing to me. I don’t know Swedish at all but phonetically it goes like this. Also please keep in mind it was over 30 years ago she told me this.

    A la mona chef se la binga bonga becka
    A la mona chef se la binga bonga bea
    Hey skiderie skuda rumpan stumpan
    Hey skiderie skuda rumpan lai

  37. Eric Says:

    Jodi, I don’t know what the song is called, but I do know it. It’s a hand-clapping game.

    Alla balla tjafs uti binga bånga beja
    Alla balla tjafs uti binga bånga bej
    Hej skutteri skutterumpen stumpen
    Hej skutteri skutterullan lej

  38. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for responding Eric! Can you please provide an English translation?

  39. Ruth Says:

    Anyone familiar with this:
    Can she sew curtains, and can sh e sew sheets? Hush a bye baby and la la lai lu….? …. e o we oh what will i do wi ye thats th e li that i li wi thee, as a child i thought it was …. what will I do with thee, thats the life that i live with thee …

    Mom heard from her mom, who was orphaned at 5, her mom was born in sweden.

  40. Lisa Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I believe that’s the Scottish lullaby called “Can Ye Sew Cushions”….

    O can ye sew cushions,
    Or can ye sew sheets?

    Then it goes on in the chorus…

    Hee-o, wee-o, what would I do wi’ you?

    You can find the full lyrics on Mama Lisa’s World here: Can Ye Sew Cushions

    Does that look like the song?

    -Mama Lisa

  41. Jane Says:

    Wow, a continuous post of nearly 10 years! So my mother (now deceased) used to sing a lullaby in Swedish, of which I only remember the tune and the first line: Mama’s baby går sova nu, Mama’s baby går sova. Does it sound familiar to anyone? Maybe it wasn’t a complete lullaby, maybe just a soothing phrase she repetitiously sang. She must have learned it from her Swedish mother.

  42. bengt Says:

    Finally found my song. At least the Danish version, on a recording dated 1937:

    So, it appears my Swedish mormor, who died in 1977, sang a Swedish version of the American Ma Curly Headed baby, with the following not so appropriarte lyrics:

    sov min bebis
    min lilla negerbebis
    när solen går ner och månen gar ned
    jag sjunger dig en sång

    å vissja vissja vissja lull
    vill du månen ha att dra i
    och stjärnorna att ta i
    å vissja vissja vissja lull

    So much for traditional Nordic culture…

  43. Ida Hägglund Says:

    Hey there! Swedish person here!
    Found this thread by random. Very interesting how many songs there are that I’ve never heard of even though I’m enthusiastic about Swedish folk music.
    Found the sheet music for “Där satt en liten fågel” in case anyone’s interested.

  44. Bengt Says:

    Ten years after my first posting, finally found the Swedish recording of Ma curly headed baby. Still inappropriate. But hey, mormor sang it and it always moved me…

    Listen to it here, a Swedish recording from 1939. My grandma was 40.

    SOS – Min kruslockiga Baby – YouTube

  45. Bob Youngberg Says:

    Does someone know the words to a Very Old Swedish Folksong Hem Ljuva Hem? +- From the 1930 > 40 era. Not the Modern 2000 version by Uggla.

  46. Hanna Says:

    I am also looking for a Swedish/Finnish lullaby that my great grandmother used to sing. Goes something like this:

    E saw mukko oopenedi yesah
    E saw mukko oopenedi yesah

    E Loy nen!!

  47. Anonymous Says:


    “sammakko altaassa” is Finnish for “frog in a pool”

    Hope this helps.

  48. Sophy Says:

    Hi, I am working on an art project for someone who is Swedish and holds Swedish traditions and remembrances very dear. I want to include the words “May your heart be filled with light and love” in the picture but I want to write it in Swedish as well. Could someone who natively speaks Swedish translate this for me? I would be very grateful:) Many thanks!

  49. Theresa E Says:

    We are seeking a Swedish song that has a bird singing like “kive vive vit, ka vit” The only swedish words we recognize are glad and fogel.

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