Does Anyone Know a Swedish Lullaby That Sounds Like “Tsat tun lit and forglit and paratntray”?

Leslie wrote:

My grandmother is dying of cancer. When I was little she used to sing a Swedish lullaby to me about a little bird and sweet milk. It goes something like this:

Tsat tun lit and forglit and paratntray…
quilint and vockor lisit…

….spornot mot, ….reset…sit and milk made sovary
silk and sank till savory…

daiska lilla …mot
por into por rese

My mom has asked me to track this down so we can sing it to her. She may not have long to live…days.

Please help me if you can. Does anyone know what this song is?

Much love!

If anyone can help Leslie, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks so much!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Abby Says:

    Hello! I am also hoping to find the song that my Grandma remembers her Swedish mother singing when she was a child. It seems to be a fairly upbeat song and the part she remembers sounds something like “vis vis spek o linda”…. is this familiar to anyone????

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