Does Anyone Know a Song with the Line, "Fee Fie faddledy, jack straw straddledy"

Frances wrote asking for help finding a song.  Here’s what he wrote:

I have a song going through my head that my Daddy sang but I can’t get the beginning.   It starts:

There was a little boy, just began to ?
Can’t do it now and couldn’t do it then ?

Chorus: Fee Fie faddledy, jack straw straddledy.
Little boy daddledy riding on a broom. 

The "?" are words that won’t come to me.

Both of my grandmothers could play the harmonica.  I used to teach public school elementary music and loved to have the children sing so many of the old songs you have listed that were in the music books.

Frances Tate

If anyone can help Frances with this song, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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