Christmas Songs in France

I asked Monique Palomares, my colleague at Mama Lisa’s World en français, about which Christmas songs are popular in France. She replied…

We sing…

Petit Papa Noël which is THE French Christmas song, though not traditional, and…
Petit Garçon and…
Mon beau sapin, the French O Christmas Tree (Alsatian/German), and…
Vive le vent, vive le vent d’hiver which is the French version of Jingle Bells.

You can find all that on Mômes’ Xmas page. (Most of these links are in French.) There are also quite a lot of Christmas songs which are linked to Jesus’ birth.

We have many in Occitan too, some from Nicolas Saboly of Provence, from the 17th Century, at… (This site is in Occitan.)

Noël is “Nadal” or “Nadau” in Occitan, but in Provence, they say “Nouve”.

Thanks Monique!


Come visit the Mama Lisa’s World France page for more French children’s songs with their English translations and…

Mama Lisa’s World en français for children’s songs around the world with their French translations.

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  1. Jojo Says:

    can you give me some more christmas songs that are sung in France? I need it right away( sorry if this is in the wrong spot) This is for a project.

  2. Monique Says:

    You can find lots of them on bmarcore Christmas songs page. Most are in French but some aren’t.

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