Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World

In previous entries I talked about the importance of Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

In 1912 the mayor of Tokyo gave a gift of 3000 cherry trees to the city of Washington D.C., thus spreading the love of cherry blossom viewing to North America.
Nowadays, Washington D.C. hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I’ve been there and it was really beautiful to see a mass of cherry blossoms in bloom.

Photo of Cherry Blossoms

Below are links to some Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World. If you know of any others, please comment below.

Japan Guide to Cherry Blossom Viewing (Sakura Matsuri)

Cherry Blossoms in Korea

The Jinhae Gunhang Festival in Korea

Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver

Wulai Cherry Blossoms Festival in Taiwan

Cherry blossoms feast at San-Zi Township in Taiwan

Cherry Blossom Festival in Northern California

Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco

Cherry Blossom Festival in Seattle, Washington

Cherry Blossom Festival in Hawaii

Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia

Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York

Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia

Here’s a photo from when we went to view the Cherry Blossoms. I was pregnant with my son at the time.

Cherry Blossom Photo

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  1. kelly valen Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I really love your DC cherry blossom tree photo and was wondering if you might consider permitting my use of it, possibly even for the website I am constructing. I am a writer currently working on a book about women’s relationships and I love how the photo captures individual trees that seemingly intertwine and blend together. Let me know your thoughts when you have a moment. I’m sure I could pay you something for it. I think I would need it in .jpg form or some other version to upload it but I’m not terribly tech savvy. Thanks much and take care,

    Kelly Valen

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    […] are some photos of Washington DC thanks to Ray Lee.  It’s Cherry Blossom Season, so it’s a great time to visit […]

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