Can Anyone Help with Some Portuguese Songs?

We were asked about two Portuguese kids songs.  Please let us know if you can help with either song in the comments below.  The Portuguese part may be phonetically written. 

1.  Tan galinhas, tan galinhas

My brother and I are trying to find the lyrics/music to a song our grandmother used to sing when we were little.   We think it was something about a chicken but do not know the correct spelling to any of the lyrics.  We can type what it sounded like phonetically whenever our grandma sang it to us:

Tan galinhas, tan galinhas
Tan galinhas nuke en tal
Seda cumosh nosh galinhas
Seda cumosh fuzzy mall
Why Why Why seda vie de shaldowee
……… (can’t remember what she sang here)
Ha Ha Ha the Shaldowee.

Not sure that’s enough to go on but … it’s worth a try to see if you might be able to solve this mystery for us! 


2. O meu pequeno pequenino

My grandfather sings this song to us, but he can’t translate it or spell the Portuguese words. I did my best to transcribe it, I hope you can help us figure out what the song is! Thanks!

O meu pequeno pequenino,
O my small teeny one,

fui para cama e não "uage?"
was for bed and not "there/found?"

viu uma pulga viu um "kirge?"
saw a flea, saw a "????"

e queda da cama.  Bash!
and fell from bed.  Bam!


If anyone can help with the lyrics and/or translation of either song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with Some Portuguese Songs?”

  1. isabel caio dixon Says:

    This is what I could figure out on Rebecca request:

    1….Tem galinhas, tem galinhas… (it has chickens, is has chickens…)
    Tem galinhas no quintal … (…it has chickens in the backyard…)
    Se da com as nossas galinhas (,,,it gets along with our chickens…)
    Sera que nos fazem mal (…will they harm us?…)

    I am not able to figure out the next two lines.
    May be Rebecca can try again another phonetic spelling and I will try again.

    2. O meu pequeno menino ( little boy…)
    foi para a cama e nao muge (…went to bed and did not utter a sound…)
    viu uma pulga, viu um escaravelho (…saw a flea, saw a scarab…)


  2. isabel caio dixon Says:

    (there is music but I don’t know how to write it)

    Os passarinhos tao engracados
    fazem os ninhos com mil cuidados
    Sao pro’s filhinhos
    que vao nascer
    que os passarinhos
    os vao fazer.

    Nunca se faca mal a um ninho
    a linda graca dum passarinho,
    que nos lembremos
    sempre tambem
    do pai que temos
    da nossa mae.

    The little birds, so enchanting,
    build their nests
    with a thousand cares
    it is for their offspring to be born
    that the little birds will build them.

    Let’s not harm a nest
    the beautiful grace of a little bird
    let’s also always remember
    our father, our mother….

    I have never found this children’s rhyme any where
    or anybody that knows it, except my godmother who
    taught it to me.


  3. Angela Veath Says:

    My grandmother used to sing the same galinhas song. I think Lisa’s response is as much as I remember too. I want to teach it to my kids, so if you figure it out, please let me know.

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