Can Anyone Help with a Russian Kids Song about a Bear (Mischa)?

Gilbert wrote:

Hi, I would be grateful if someone could help. I am trying to find the Russian lyrics for a children’s song about a bear (Mischa) who goes into the woods and gets a cone dropped on his head… does anyone know the words in Russian?



If anyone can help Gilbert with the original Russian lyrics and/or an English translation, please comment below or email me.


Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Russian Kids Song about a Bear (Mischa)?”

  1. Lilia Novototskaya Says:

    These are the words to that song in Russian:
    Мишка косолапый по лесу идет,
    Шишки собирает в корзиночку кладет.
    Одна шишка отлетела, прямо мишке в лоб.
    Мишка рассердился и ногою топ.

    Good luck.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Lilia!

    I got something like this for the translation (I welcome help!)…

    Mishka the clumsy bear goes in the woods
    Cones are collected and put in a small basket.
    One cone flew away and hit Mishka right on the forehead.
    Mishka got angry and kicked the top of it.

    I welcome criticism and corrections on the English translation!


    Mama Lisa

  3. vera Says:

    Mishka kosolapii po lesu idet,
    Shishki sobiraet, pesenku poet.
    Vot upala shishka pryamo mishke v lob,
    Mishka rasserdilsa i nogoyu top.

  4. Inna Says:

    I guess, Russia is too big and we have several different versions of this simple song :)
    Oh well, at least in Siberia we know this one:

    Мишка косолапый по лесу идёт,
    A clumsy little bear was walking through the forest

    Шишки собирает, песенки поет.
    He was gathering pine cones and singing songs

    Шишка отвалилась прямо мишке в лоб.
    A pine cone fell directly onto his forehead.

    Мишка рассердиля и ногою топ!
    The little bear got angry and stamped his foot!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Inna! Would you know a lullaby called Looli Lolenki?

  6. Lisa Says:

    Here’s another question about a Russian lullaby….

    I came across your website by accident in my search for a Russian lullaby that my mother used to sing to me. I could not see how to post a question to your blog. If anyone can help I’d be so grateful as I remember the melody, which my children love, but can’t remember the words. It began with what I remember as ‘kise kise…’ and had a ‘chorus’ that went
    ‘ai yai yai
    ai yai yai
    luli luli luli lai’.

    During verses allowed for the name of the child to be included so my mother sang it to me.

    I know this is very vague but if anyone recognises this description and knows the song I’d be so grateful for the words.

    Many thanks

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