Can Anyone Help with a Finnish Song That Sounds Like, “Bimboli bamboli piemen boika”?

Heidi Reischuck wrote asking for help with a Finnish song:

“I am trying to find the words to a beloved Finnish song my grandmother Alli Heinonen taught me, about a Shepherd Boy.

Although I am using Duolingo to learn a bit of Finnish, I can’t even spell the song in Finnish properly, so it’s been hard to translate. My daughter is 20 and it was her favorite song when I taught it to her a kid.

Bimboli bamboli piemen boika
aye tell ya met tala
aye aye aye
Aye tala met talia Morrius

Any help in translating it would be appreciated. Kiitos! Kind regards!”


If anyone can help with the Finnish lyrics of the song and/or a translation, please comment below.

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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