Can Anyone Help with a Czech Rhyme that Sounds Like “Hou-py, hou-py, hou-py”?

Anna wrote:

Do you know the nursery rhyme that begins:

Hou-py, hou-py, hou-py,
Ko-cka sue-dla krou-py
Do-cour hruch

I’ll try my best to write this poem-rhyme out for you. Of course, I will not be able to add the correct accent marks, punctuations marks, etc. The writing I have to copy is very small, so I hope my letters are accurate! Here goes!


hou-py, hou-py, hou-py!
ko-cka sue-dla krou-py,
ko-cour hrac
na ka-mnach;
ko-la-la se hue-va-ly,
ze jim ta-ky ne-da-ly.
hou-py, hou-py, hou-py!
by-ly vsec-ky hlou-py.

A friend of mine gave me a beautiful framed gift of this rhyme… he says his grandfather would sing it to him. But he doesn’t know what it means.

My mother is Czech, Vlasta, but she no longer can help me with this.

Your help would be very nice.

Thank you, Anna Vdolek Bratney

If anyone knows the correct spelling of the rhyme and/or if you can provide an English translation, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Czech Rhyme that Sounds Like “Hou-py, hou-py, hou-py”?”

  1. Maarten Ouwehand Says:

    On this site:
    I found a version with music-notation:


    And here:

    I found a longer version.
    I’m no Czech but perhaps is this google-translation a little helpful ..;-)
    Rock, rock, rock

    Rock, rock, rock, cat ate hail
    cat games in kamnách,
    kittens are angry that they did not give too.
    Rock, rock, rock, were all stupid.

    Rock, rock, rock, cat ate hail
    kittens and millet, the furnace ran,
    dragged to the pond, where fish caught,
    was not to fiddle, hiding under rocks.

    And the last one:

    This version is even longer …I think…;-)


  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for all your help Maarten! That’s wonderful! If anyone can provide another translation that would be great.

    Mama Lisa

  3. Lisa Says:

    Judy Goodman Rayner wrote:

    Houpy houpy houpy
    Kocka snedla kroupy
    kocour hrach
    na kamnach… Read More
    kotata se hnevala
    ze jim taky nedala
    houpy houpy houpy
    byly vsecky hloupy

    Rocking rocking rocking the baby
    the cat ate the barley
    the tomcat ate the peas
    on the stove
    kittens were angry
    that they didn’t get anything
    rocking rocking rocking the baby
    they were all silly

    Thanks Judy! -Mama Lisa

  4. fran rhodes Says:

    I have been looking for translation of Houpy song… if you found anything more please email.

  5. Lisa Says:


    I would check here from time to time to see if anyone writes in. Also, you can sign up to be notified of follow up comments via email.


    Mama Lisa

  6. Hana Says:


    I was looking at your easter egg dying page and then, browsing, I got here.
    The translation you got above (Oct 17th, 09) is spot on. I am Czech btw.

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