Ayase Lullaby

Old House in Ayase

Jeff Gilpin sent this lullaby with the following note, "Here is a song I wrote after visiting my wife’s sister in Ayase which is outside of Tokyo, Japan. I think it is very kid friendly and I hope you like it add it to your list of children songs. It is called Ayase Lullaby. Here are the lyrics with the chords [in brackets]."

MP3 of Ayase Lullaby

Ayase Lullaby
By Jeff Gilpin
Verse 1
[G] It’s night [D] time in [C] old A[G]yase
[G] It’s nighttime all [C] over Tok[D]yo
[G] It’s night [D] time in [C] old Aya[G]se
[G] Kids know [D] where they have to [G] go.
They’ve [C] all got busy days to[G]morrow
And their [C] futons are all laid [D] out.
It’s [G] off to [D] sleep in [C] old A[G]yase
[G] Off you go [D] now but don’t [G] pout.
Verse 2
But [G] Yoshi [D] wants to [C] play a little [G] longer.
He’s [G] not a bit tired and [C] wants to stay a[D]wake,
He [G] wants to [D] show his [C] sisters who is [G] stronger
And [G] what will a [D] few minutes [G] break?
He [C] knows that he can’t [G] fight it.
He [C] knows that it won’t [D] keep,
[G] So it’s [D] off to [C] bed for little [G] Yoshi
[G] He’ll keep on [D] playing in his [G] sleep.
Verse 3
Now [G] all the little [D] boys and [C] girls are [G] sleeping,
[G] Dreaming of whatever their [C] minds are thinking [D] of
Their [G] friends, their [D] family or [C] things that they [G] fancy,
[G] Everything [D] that they dearly [G] love.
[C] As quiet descends on their [G] households
The [C] train rumbles through the [D] town,
And [G] sleep des[D]cends on [C] old A[G]yase
[G] Children are [D] sleeping safe and [C] sound [G].

Google image of Ayase

Here’s what Jeff wrote about the photos: "Here is a picture (top of page) of an old house that is in Ayase. I believe we took it because it seemed out of place with all the other modern buildings.  The other picture (above) I captured from a Google Map image of Ayase. Just a normal street shot of one of the small streets typical of Japan’s more urban areas."

Many thanks to Jeff Gilpin for sharing his song with the recording and photos!

Mama Lisa

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