African Music

Nyango Melissa, who has sent me many songs from Cameroon in Africa, sent me this email today…

Hi, all:

You can listen to some samples from African Harmony and watch them at rehearsal. Just scroll down the home page.

African Harmony is the choral group of the Minnesota African Women’s Association, MAWA’s cultural program. African Harmony is made up of members from various African countries and sings in… various African languages, including African songs composed in English, French or other “adopted” African languages. Songs range from choral to the traditional and contemporary. The group performs true to African tradition with a lot of movement, dancing, drumming and other forms of expression.


Ms. M. N. Nambangi
Minnesota African Women’s Association – MAWA

Check it out! There are some nice recordings of African Music!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Andreas Says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying this music too. If you like this you should google for some artists like Angelique Kidjo or Baba Maal. Click on my name, that will give you some ideas.

  2. waseem Says:


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