A Poem about a Baby

I know sometimes people are looking for poems to give when a baby is born. I just came across this one today…


When the baby’s eyes are blue,
Think we of a summer day,
Violets, and dancing rills*.
When the baby’s eyes are gray,
Doves and dawn are brought to mind.
Brown—of gentle fawns we dream,
And ripe nuts in shady woods.
Black—of midnight skies that gleam
With bright stars. But blue or gray,
Black or brown, like flower or star,
Sweeter eyes can never be
To mamma than baby’s are.

*little brooks

This poem can be found in Harper’s Young People, January 20, 1880.

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  1. Ka Shing Says:

    This poem is very nice, I like to read many time.

    Thank you very much

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