A Knuckle Trick to Remember the Number of Days in Each Month


The other day I posted the rhyme for helping remember the number of days in each month.  Interestingly, one friend from France and another friend who was born in Hong Kong mentioned a knuckle trick for remembering.  There are different versions of the knuckle trick, but evidently it’s used around the world.

You can see in the diagram above one way of doing the knuckle trick.  Make two fists.  Then, starting with January, name the months putting January below the knuckle, then February above the the knuckle… move down your fists alternating months above and below each knuckle.  All of the months on the bottom of the knuckles will have 31 days (in red in the diagram) and all of the months above the knuckles will have either 30 days, or in the case of February 28 or 29 days.

Many thanks to Ray Lee for mentioning the fist trick and to Monique Palomares for teaching her version and for making the diagram above.

May you always know the number of days in the months!

Mama Lisa

Note: Since I posted this another friend from France and one from Poland told me they use this trick too.

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  1. denise mirás Says:

    Brasil also, but it’s one hand and you repeat the knuckle, july/august and return…

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