A Daffodil Ditty

Yesterday I saw the first daffodils of the season. It made me think of an old English rhyme, which goes…

Daffy-down-dilly is new come to town,
With a yellow petticoat and a green gown.

An alternative version is…

Daffy-down-dilly is new come to town,
With a petticoat green, and a bright yellow gown,
And her white blossoms are peeping around.

Seeing daffy-down-dilly used for daffodil, made me curious about the word. I looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary and found all of these variants of daffodil


Then there’s also the word daffying, that dates back to 1871, which means to gather daffodils.

Whatever you’re doing this season, I hope you get to see some lovely daffy-down-dillies. It’s a wonderful sign that it’s springtime!


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  1. geneviève MALLET - FARNY Says:

    Charmant poème ! Merci ! Geneviève .

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