“A Bunny”, a Fingerplay Rhyme

A Bunny is a fingerplay you can do at Easter time or throughout the year. Here are the words…

A Bunny

Once there was a bunny.
(Make a fist with your left hand and extend two fingers for ears)

And a green, green cabbage head…
(Make a fist with your right hand)

“I think I’ll have some breakfast,” the little bunny said.
(Move bunny toward cabbage head)

So he nibbled and he nibbled.
(Wiggle fingers on left hand)

Then he turned around to say,
“I think this is the time I should be hopping on my way!”
(Make hopping movements with left hand)

Enjoy saying this rhyme to your little bunnies!


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  1. Troy Says:

    Cute! Mind if I link to this from my site?

  2. Lisa Says:

    Of course you can!

    Troy’s site is about early childhood education and children’s music. To visit his site, click on his name above!

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