Jeanette, formerly of Arizona, wrote me in February 2005, "There's three verses and I only can remember one, but it's a different one than the one you have on your site...

Arizona Star
(Verse 2)

I'm an Arizona, Arizona, Arizona star,
And I eat my beans from an old fruit jar,
With a little bit of bacon and a little bit of salt,
Cookie burnt his finger and it ain't my fault."

Joe Snapp wrote:

"Back when I was a wee lad of eight (1952) our music book had a song with these lyrics. The book also had a full-color picture of a youngster suited up in cowboy gear riding a horse. Hope you enjoy these 'alternate lyrics.' I'm not from Texas (or Arizona).

I'm a Texan, I'm a Texan , I'm a Texas star,
Way out yonder where the cowboys are.
I can rope 'em, I can ride 'em, I can show you how it's done,
So c'mon to Texas with your six-shootin' gun!

Then a chorus of carefully arranged 'whoopy kye yo-dee, whoopy kye yay's,' etc.

The tune is the same as played all summer by our local ice cream truck."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Amanda from Arizona for contributing this song. My thanks also go out to Jeanette for sending me the second verse of "Arizona Star". Thanks to Joe Snapp for sending another version!

Thanks so much!