Where they are written in the lyrics, the letters should be pronounced as they usually are when they are the first letter in a word. For example, 'b' should be pronounced like it is in the word 'book', not as the name of the letter 'b'.



Many thanks to Ms. Lupton and her wonderful Kindergarten class of 2007 for singing this great song for us!

Here's a song that was created by Ms. Lupton of the Washington Drive Primary School in Harborfields. It's a fun way of teaching young kids how the letters of the alphabet are pronounced. Ms. Lupton was kind enough to record her kindergarten class singing it for us. The animation below features drawings made by her class.

Put the mouse over the image to see a fun effect and click it to hear the song that goes with the letter.
This movie requires Flash Player 8. Download it here.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ms. Lupton and her Kindergarten class of 2007 for creating these fantastic drawings!

Thanks so much!