This song is in the Gascon dialect.


Another version:

Dròm nine,
Dròm plan,
Dròm nine,
Dinc a doman.

Lo papà es a boiar,
La mamà es a guidar,
Lo jair es a gardar,
Chichò a dansar,
So pont de Talar.
Sopina de choina
Au ser ti harà.
Vène, vène, vène,
Vène, vène donc !

English Translation

Sleep, baby boy,
Sleep well,
Sleep, baby boy
Till tomorrow.

Daddy is ploughing
Mommy is guiding [the oxen]
Your brother is watching [the herd]
Your big sister is dancing
On the Talar bridge.
Little soup of bread
She'll make for you.
Come, come, come,
Come, do come!

You can listen to a short excerpt of this song here.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Dròm nine

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique Palomares.