"The song is about remembering what you used to do as a child... During your 'Small Days'... so the chorus is about remembering your Small Days... (Still on meh mind)." -Gavin Mendonca, Creole Rock


(1) "Congatay" is an Afro-Caribbean dish. A soup made with plantain.
(2) Re. "Me been a dam" - 'dam' refers to the 'backdam'... Usually a place, a literal dam, in the rice/sugar cane fields, near water of course.
(3) "Fowl mama" in this case is a character in the neighborhood. Yes, one that rears chicken. In the countryside, it is customary to see chicken running around in people's yards.
(4) This line refers to Dorothy's lack of intelligence. She's fat like butter... but in a sense her 'mind' is 'magga' (which means skinny/malnourished)... and I guess a chow is something that is skinny.
(5) In Guyanese Creole, a pickney is a child or children.

You can hear Gavin Mendonca from Creole Rock sing this folk song in the YouTube below...

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gavin Mendonca from Creole Rock for sharing this folk song and video with us and for the song notes explaining some of the Guyanese Creole terms!

"Creole Rock is a fusion of Guyanese Folk Music, Creole Culture and Dialect, and Punk Rock n' Roll."

"Gavin has represented Guyanese Rock 'n' Roll multiple times in Trinidad, as well as Suriname. Also a composer, he has written many songs that are patriotic and tell a story about being Guyanese, such as 'City By De Tides' (a song about his home town) and 'The Great Rebellion' (a song about Cuffy, and the 1763 Berbice Slave Rebellion) and the 2015 Christmas Hit 'Cause Is Christmas (in Guyana)'. He is currently the bassist of local Heavy Metal band - Feed The Flames. He has managed to fuse Guyanese Culture, which is truly unique, with Rock 'n' Roll, creating an entirely new sub-genre of Rock Music – Creole Rock."

Thank you!