"Galician is the language of Galicia in northwest Spain. Galician is transitional between Spanish and Portuguese. The following lyrics depict adventures of that land's most famous denizen, the Virgin of Guadalupe…..although in truth it appears she also inhabits a whole lot of other lands throughout greater Hispanic cultures… Here it is below as I remember it from having learned it well more than a half-century ago..." -Audie

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*A "rianxeira" is a woman from Rianxo, a port town in Galicia.


A virxe de guadalupe (aka A Rianxeira) is a popular song and hymn of Galicia. The text has its origins in traditional 19th century Galician music and songs used during the processions of the Adoration of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Rianxo. The popular version was composed by Anxo Romero and written by Xesus Frieiro Dourado. This is part of the song. You can find more lyrics for it here.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Audie and Jenny for sharing this song with the translation!

Image: Frescoes on the ceiling of San Pedro Church in Loboc by renowned Cebuano painter Ray Francia. Original photo by Hankharu, cc. Edited by Lisa.