This song is clearly a direct translation of the French song La perdriole.


*Sight hounds hunt by sight and speed. The other type of hound is called scent hounds. They hunt by scent and endurance.

This song derives from the French song "La perdriole". This can be known from the fact that some words rhyme in French (mousquetaires, guerre) while they don't rhyme in Occitan. The article "le", the numerals "prumièr" and "nau", "perdic" indicate that this version was written in the Gascon dialect.

We haven't been able to find musical notation for this song.

Here are the lyrics in their original spelling:

1) Le prumiè del mes de mai,
Qu'embouiarei à ma mio ?
Uno perdic que bolo, que bolo;
Uno perdic que bolo.

2) Le segoun del mes de mai,
Qu'embouiarei à mai mio ?
Dos tourtourèlos,
Uno perdic que bolo, etc.

3) Le très - très pijouns blancs.
4) Le quatre - quatre canards boulants à l'èr.
5) Le cinq - cinq lapins an terro.
6) Le sieis - sieis lèbres al camp.
7) Le sept - sept lebriès courants.
8) Le beit - beit chibals blancs.
9) Le naut - naut bious cournaus.
10) Le dèts - dèts moutous bêlants.
11) Le ounze - ounze mousquetaires benount de la guerro.
12) Le doutze - doutze doumaizèlos, graciousos et bèlos.
13) Le tretze - tretze bouquets blancs.
14) Le quatorze - quatorze pai blancs.
15) Le quinze - quinze bouts de bi.