This is an African American hand clapping game that's played in a circle.


This song can also be found as, "Obo Shin Otten Totten".

See also Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton

Game Instructions

Everyone stands in a circle. With palms up, everyone's left hand should be under the hand of the person to the left. Everyone's right hand should be over the hand of the person to the right. Everyone starts singing the song and one person starts the hand clapping game. They bring their right hand over to clap the person on their left's right hand (then the 1st person puts their right hand back on top of the hand of the person to the right). The 2nd person takes their right hand and claps the person's to their left's right hand. The same action continues around the circle in a chain until the end of the song. Whoever is clapped last goes into the middle of the circle. Then the game starts again. Once there are three people in the middle of the circle, they play the game in a circle too inside the middle of the other circle.

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